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Back Facial Treatment

Cleanses and exfoliates the back using a warm mist of steam. Includes extractions, a customized masque and a massage. This is just like a facial but for the back.

Approx. 50 min.

Pure Heaven Foot Treatment

Relaxation from the knees down. Sugar scrubs, heated creams, hot towels and lots of massaging for tired feet. 

Approx. 20 min.

Inch loss, Body Sculpting, Cellulite Reduction, Tightening & Toning and Detox Services

A series of treatments are recommended for optimal results.
These services are beneficial when one or more are combined together.

Body Wraps

Bioslimming Body

Bioslimmimg (Thermal) Wrap

A very intense Bioslimming wrap to help eliminate cellulite, fat deposits, stretch marks and toxins. Also helps to tighten and tone the skin and improves circulation.  This wrap targets all problem areas from the knees to waist and upper arms. Warm and cooling sensations are felt during this treatment to let you know it's working.

(Bring warm clothes for after the wrap)
Single  Wrap - $110 
Series of: Three - $300.00

Ultrasound Body Sculpting
Cavi- Lipo Ultrasound Body Sculpting  

 Reduce cellulite and inches without surgery

This noninvasive FDA approved technology (Cavitation) slims the body, reduces cellulite and tightens the skin. It is totally safe with no side effects or down time and can be done on your lunch break.  

 Cavi-Lipo actually dissolves the fat. 

This treatment is not recommended for treating obesity or weight loss. It is not intended for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, an impaired immune system or a liver condition.   

Call and mention this website to get your first Cavi session for ONLY $90.00

How Does It Work?

Cavi-Lipo uses a higher frequency ultrasound then normal ultrasound machines. This frequency wave targets the fat tissues underneath the surface of the skin. The ultrasound causes the formation of microscopic air bubbles within the fluid and then as they collapse, it releases a shock wave and emits heat. This shock wave causes the fat cells to rupture releasing the dissolved fat in the form of triglycerides. Some fat is re-absorbed as energy, the rest is naturally metabolized through the lymphatic drainage system and the liver. It does not just disassemble or reposition the fat cells. The fat cells shrink but are not destroyed, fat cells are needed for storing energy. 

How Often Should You Get Treated?

The fat takes 3 days to properly metabolize through your body therefore we do not recommend treatment prior to 72 hours.  

How Many Treatments Will I need?

Although you may see results in one treatment we recommend a series of treatments to achieve optimal results. Depending on your body and the areas being treated we would recommend a series of 6 to 10 sessions. Call today to speak with a practitioner to see what is right for you. 

What Areas Can Be Treated?

• stomach
• waist
• male breasts
• love handles
• saddle bags
• double chin
• arms
• thighs
• bra rolls
• hips
• buttocks
• knees
• back

What to Expect in a Treatment?

Treatments are normally 45 to 50 min long which includes the ultrasound treatment, a lymphatic massage and wrapping the body part. You will experience a slight noise (such as crickets make) that only you can hear. You may feel a warming effect from the wands during your treatment. Most have said that it is a very relaxing experience.

Cavi-Lipo Before PhotoCavi-Lipo After Photo

Actual before and after pictures of a client after 4 double sessions of Cavi-Lipo

Cavi Wrap Combo Woman Before and After
Cavi Wrap Combo

Two Services in one powerful treatment!

 We paired up our Cavi System with our Award Winning Bioslimming Wrap

To achieve even quicker and better results! 

The costs of both these services are reduced when purchasing our Cavi Wrap Combo Series.  

Try your first session for 

ONLY $105.00


Because you are treated by only licensed professionals with the Knowledge of the lymphatic and muscular system! 

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